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Black’s Tree Service, LLC
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Founded in 1982 by owner Greg Black, Black’s Tree Service is committed to providing professional client service for all your tree care needs.  Offering a variety of services, Black’s Tree Service is dedicated to caring for the health, beauty, and safety of your trees. 

We are proud to be a member of the Tree Care Industry Association – which means we follow industry standards and best practices.  We are licensed and fully insured.  Are you looking for a tree company in Marietta, OH, Parkersburg, WV, or surrounding communities? If so, turn to Black’s Tree Service, LLC, a trusted team rooted deeply in our community.  

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Caring for the Health, Beauty, and Safety of Your Trees

The objective of pruning trees is to produce strong, healthy, and attractive trees. By understanding how, when, and why to prune and by following a few simple principles, this can be achieved.
  • Pruning for safety involves removing branches that could fall and cause injury or property damage. It also involves trimming branches that interfere with sightlines on streets or driveways and removing branches growing into utility lines.
  • Pruning for health involves removing diseased or insect-infested wood, thinning the crown, and removing crossing and rubbing limbs. Pruning can be used to encourage trees to develop a strong structure. It can also reduce the likelihood of damage during severe weather.
  • Pruning for aesthetics involves enhancing the natural form and character of trees.

Producing a strong structure should be the emphasis when pruning young trees. As trees mature, the aim of pruning shifts to maintaining tree structure, form, health, and appearance.  Click “Do Not Top Trees” below to learn more about the dangers of topping trees:

Depend on Our Experts for Trustworthy Tree
Pruning in Marietta, OH

While trees are a unique and valuable part of nature, they can also cause landowners a vast range of issues if ignored. If you are looking for expert tree care across the Mid-Ohio Valley, you can count on us. Although some aspects of tree pruning are simple enough to attempt independently, it is still best to trust the experts. Our contractors use the best tools to get the job done, and strive to get the job done right every time.

Trust Black’s Tree Service LLC for Effective Stump Grinding

After your tree is removed, the next step is to grind the stump below grade if the conditions around the base allow it. Stump grinders are powerful machines that chew away at the stump producing a lot of wood fiber in the process.  We offer several options that can be individualized to meet your needs – turn key solutions OR grind/leave lay.  

Every yard is unique.  Call us today for a free estimate!

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