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Customers Have Trusted Black’s Tree
Service LLC Since 1982

Founded in 1982 by owner Greg Black, Black’s Tree Service LLC is committed to providing professional client service for all tree care needs. Offering various services, Black’s Tree Service LLC is dedicated to caring for the health, beauty, and safety of your trees. We are proud to be a member of the Tree Care Industry Association. Licensed and fully insured, we offer a variety of services to meet both residential and commercial client needs. Call (740) 374-4094, or contact us to learn more.

Our Contractors Proudly Provide Storm Cleanup for Marietta, OH

When you need storm cleanup in Marietta, OH, the only place you need to go is Black’s Tree Service LLC. Heavy winds and rain can wreak havoc on trees and bushes. Our contractors use chainsaws, bucket trucks, climbing gear, and other tools to remove damaged and decayed trees. Black’s Tree Service LLC can also provide hauling for our customers after completing the job.

Call Black’s Tree Service LLC for Stump Grinding
in Parkersburg, WV

Stump grinding is a fast and easy way to remove a stump from your Parkersburg, WV, yard. The powerful grinder passes back and forth across the stump to eat away at the wood. It eliminates the stump up to one inch under the ground. This process ensures that the roots can decay naturally. Do not leave an ugly stump to mar your yard, and call Black’s Tree Service LLC today.


Visit Us Today for Trustworthy Tree Trimming

If you need tree trimming services, there is only one place to call. Black’s Tree Service LLC can trim thick and unruly branches to help make your property more beautiful. Whether your tree is in an open field or interlaced with utility wires, our contractors can handle it. Black’s Tree Service LLC offers crown reduction to reduce the area of the tree’s spread while maintaining structural integrity. Call us today to schedule tree trimming services with our contractors.

Contact Black’s Tree Service LLC when you need tree services for Marietta, OH, and Parkersburg, WV.